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Change how you look with a cosmetic transformation created with attention to detail, aesthetics, and functionality.

Dentures have dramatically improved thanks to new advancements, materials, and technologies for more comfort than you think.

You only get one smile. This is your chance to rehabilitate your teeth, improve your oral health, and shine.

Erase imperfections and welcome a naturally new smile with your custom veneers, crafted for sheer perfection.

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Smile Back at Life Full of Self-Confidence

Don’t let a missing tooth or multiple teeth control your life. You can smile with confidence and eat the foods you want,...

There’s so much to experience in Murfreesboro, and we don’t want you to miss a thing because you’re not confident in how your teeth...

Restorative dentistry in Murfreesboro helps to find a way for you to replace missing teeth or fix ones that are painfully in need of...

When you call our dental office in Murfreesboro as a new patient, we’ll get you scheduled for your first visit as soon as possible.

There’s a solution for all ages and stages of smiles when you come to Giatras Family Dentistry.

Emergencies don’t wait, you can’t either. Call us now!

Botox is not only for aesthetics; it also helps in dentistry to ease TMJ pain, migraines, and teeth grinding.

Teeth whitening is a popular dental procedure that aims to restore the natural color of your teeth or even go beyond to...

Meet Dr. Jared Giatras

General Dentist

Dr. Jared Giatras in Murfreesboro, TN

Dr. Jared Giatras started his own dental office in Murfreesboro to provide more comprehensive, higher-quality dental care than is available elsewhere. He’s a graduate of Midwestern University and was taught throughout life that everyone should be treated with the respect and compassion we would have for our closest family. Dr. Giatras is fueled by his passion for facial aesthetics, working with his patients to achieve their ideal smile.

He is also proud to be a Care Esthetics provider.

Meet Dr. Jared Giatras

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There’s nothing we try harder to do than bring confidence to every single patient who chooses to call our dental office in Murfreesboro their “dental home.” High-quality, general dentistry is what our patients will share with you and our community of close family and friends. From preventive care that keeps smiles healthy and functional to the technology that allows us to make it all happen for you. Stop searching for the perfect dentist in Murfreesboro. See how you can expect comprehensive, educational evaluations and hygiene cleanings that will give your smile that clean feel and glow we all love to know.

Comprehensive Examinations

We pride ourselves on providing preventive care designed to actually keep you from spending time in the dental chair with future issues.

Innovative Technology

From digital photography and radiography to life-saving diagnostics, you can always count on next-level, yet gentle general dentistry.

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